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Cathejell®, a sterile lubricant with anesthetic for catheterization



Cathejell® Jelly 2%

50 Years of Trusted Use

Cathejell® was developed in 1971 by Montavit Pharma in Austria after discussion with urologists. Cathejell® was designed to specifically meet the catheterization needs of doctors and patients in terms of ease of use, patient safety, and comfort.

For 50 years Cathejell® has been a trusted product used by healthcare professionals and patients for catheterization.

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Cathejell® is used in hospitals across Canada by doctors and nurses in a variety of hospital departments for a number of procedures such as:

  • Male and female catheterization
  • Cystoscopy
  • Gastroscopy and bronchoscopy
  • Proctoscopy and Rectoscopy
  • Tracheal Intubation

Cathejell® single hand accordion syringe

When you need to perform a procedure like cystoscopy or to catheterize a patient, choosing the right lubricant is important to reduce risk of pain or injury. Cathejell® was designed to be easy to use for the doctor or nurse and with patient safety, and comfort in mind.

cathejell applicator and lubricant
  • Clever syringe design allows one handed opening and preparation for use – keeping it sterile.
  • Pain and injury can be caused by stretching of the urethra to open it, and by friction as the catheter enters it and the faster it is stretched the more pain it produces.1 Cathejell’s accordion style syringe allows you to instil lubrication with low initial pressure to gently open the urethra and lubricate the lining. This provides a lubricated path to insert the catheter, reducing the risk of pain and injury.
  • The highly viscous lubricating gel gently expands the urethra and adheres to the surface lining. This provides a protective coating of lubricant making it easier to insert and remove the catheter with less risk of pain or injury.
  • Cathejell lubricating gel contains the anesthetic lidocaine to further reduce the risk of pain for a more comfortable experience.


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Cathejell® is available on all hospital tenders in Canada.

If your hospital is not currently stocking Cathejell®, you can request it from your hospital pharmacist who can order it in.

Cathejell® samples for hospital evaluation are available by contacting BioSyent Pharma at 1.888.439.0013 or your local BioSyent Specialist Rep if you have their contact information. Before seeking samples for evaluation, you may have to discuss it with your hospital pharmacy.

The Importance of
Lubrication When Catheterizing

This video designed for patients, demonstrates the important role that lubrication plays in creating a more comfortable experience when you catheterize.

The video explains the risks of having too little lubricating gel and how having enough can help reduce the risk of pain or injury.

catheterization cathejell box
Where Can You Purchase Cathejell?

For purchase of Cathejell for Medical Clinics or non-hospital use, Cathejell can be ordered from the drug wholesaler McKesson Canada, or for regular large volume purchases, directly from BioSyent Pharma.

If you wish to direct patients to purchase Cathejell for self-catheterization, Cathejell can be bought from any retail pharmacy without a prescription. Patients will have to ask the pharmacist for it, since it is a behind the pharmacy counter. If it is not in stock, the pharmacist can order it in for them from their wholesaler.

Cathejell is available in boxes of 25 pre-filled sterile syringes.


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